Question 1. W Can you come to the concert with me this weekend? Or do you have to prepare for exams? M: I still have a lot to do, but maybe a break would do me good. Q: What will the man probably do?
World Bank to Invest in Education for Girls
The World Bank Group plans to invest close to $2.5 billion over five years in education projects to help girls between the ages of 12 and 17. The bank says that about 75 percent of these investments are expected to come from its program for the world's
Express Your 'Self'
Have you ever talked to someone who only wants to talk about themselves? It's “me, me, me” or “I, I, I” from them all day long! This kind of talk can be a real “turn off” to the people listening. But at times, perhaps we are all guilty of
Scientists Closer to Solving Plain of Jars Mystery
A new group of human remains has been uncovered on the Plain ofJarsin Laos. They are believed to date back to the Iron Age, some 2,500 years ago. The Plain of Jars is in the central Lao province of Xieng Khouang. The area covers hundreds of kilometers in
Mossack Fonseca: Law Firm Behind 'Panama Papers'
For nearly 40 years, a lawfirmin Panama helped drug dealers, criminals, corrupt politicians, sports stars and billionaires avoid paying taxes. A group of investigative journalists said the Mossack Fonseca law firm has helped people from more than 200
Vietnam’s Parliament Approves New Prime Minister
Vietnamese lawmakers approved Nguyen Xuan Phuc as the country's new prime minister Thursday. Phuc was the only candidate for the position. He was chosen at the Vietnamese Communist Party's congress three months ago. Vietnam's parliament is not
Using the Passive Voice
This Everyday Grammar is all about the passive voice. The passive is a verb form in which the subject receives the action of the verb. For example, "I was born on a Saturday." Most sentences in English follow thesubject-verb-objectpattern known as

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  • What Are the Colors of Choice for Cars?
  • Hackers Lurk Online to Undress Celebrities
  • In America, ‘Everyone’ Is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

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  • Mossack Fonseca: Law Firm Behind 'Panama Papers'
  • Social Business Starters on the Rise
  • Protecting Migrant Workers Helps Host Countries

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  • World Bank to Invest in Education for Girls
  • Vietnam’s Parliament Approves New Prime Minister
  • US Taxes Low Compared to Other Countries

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  • Twelve Mispronounced U.S. Place Names
  • Silent Monks Learn to Speak for Revenue
  • Supreme Court Helps Define ‘One Person, One Vote’

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  • Scientists Closer to Solving Plain of Jars Mystery
  • Astronaut Scott Kelly Talks about His Year in Space
  • Scientists Could be Closer to AIDS Cure

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  • Dialogue: Tales from the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • Martha Washington, America's First First Lady
  • Thomas Jefferson: The Nation's Third President

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  • Jack the Ripper Finally Caught, Maybe

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  • Video Highlights Domestic Abuse Issue

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  • Groups Call for Law to Protect Internet Privacy

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  • Is There More Lying In This Election?
  • Americans: Jobs More Important Than Terrorism
  • New US Poll Throws Doubt on Trump Lead

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  • Researchers: Link Between Zika Virus and Birth Defects
  • Ebola Crisis Might Hold Clues for Fighting Zika Virus

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  • Personal Technology Trends of 2015
  • A Look Back at 2015: The Year in Science and Technology